Interview: Daryl Smith talks calisthenics, fitness, business and competitions

I met Daryl (aka Barzz4Life) at Brixton Street Gym where I got introduced to Terroll Lewis who set up the gym. It was interesting to watch how easy they made it look. I got tempted to try it out myself! So, if you are still looking for ways to work out, why not have a go doing calisthenics. You will find that it is one the cheapest ways you can work your body out and get it defined. Just check Daryl out!

6G2A7234-Edit-682x1024Daryl Smith

But no one said it would be easy 😅😅

Daryl and I spoke getting fit, moving from the gym to the street and using your own body weight to work out.

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No Experience? No Problem!

 1. Get Credentials

In other words, get involved with the area you want to go in, through taking long/short courses or even volunteering! Anything that can provide evidence that you are serious about the position you wish to apply before, getting paid for the real deal.

2. Get Creative

Its been said before, but it plays a massive role in setting you apart from others. For example, if you wanted to get into marketing and sales you could set up a channel on Ebay where ,you demonstrate how you used making skills to increase sales. Or if you wanted to work in hair and beauty, set up a Youtube channel and do regular posts on tutorials and even get your friends and family to get their hair and make-up done! Do something that makes you memorable (good of course!).

3. Be willing to start from the bottom

If you’re a graduate or recently have graduated, it’s easy to feel that after spending so much time studying, its only right not need to start at the bottom. However frustrating it may be, an opportunity is better than no opportunity. It is important to keep an open mind.

4. Barter

There may be many of you yet to get experience in your chosen field. Not to worry! Time will be (or is) your biggest asset. During the summer, I was offered an opportunity to work with a marketing executive in a local business. It was not because I had an amazing list of past experiences but, I had the time to work. As a result, I was able to progress enough that I was offered to manage a project within two weeks.

5. Re image your experience

In many instances many jobs or work experience opportunities positions are written in such a way many people can be put off because you don’t have the right experience. The article suggests you think about your experiences a little differently. For each of your experience think about exactly what you did, preferably with someone else list and them using key words that they’d like to see. For example, if you have led a meeting or project, use words such as:

  • Chaired
  • Organised
  • Planned
  • Coordinated

Or if you achieved something:

  • Awarded
  • Targeted
  • Exceeded
  • Outperformed

For more verbs to spice up your cv or cover letter check out 185 Powerful Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Awesome To read the full article click on the link: How to Get the Job When You Don’t Have the Experience.

A Rising Star: An Update on Preline Martha

Preline is becoming a person you need to know in fashion was her bright striking cloting line. The last time we spoke to her she was at the start of her journey, but has since been showcasing her work at every opportunity.

Her hard work has been paying off as earlier this month she appeared on Africa Fashion Week in London.


Preline has also been involved in a charity event Passion for the MotherLand.

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Congratulations Preline on your achievements! We look forward to see more of her new collection.